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Ride 1 -

Video taken while students were interacting with the motor-bike riders on their challenge to ride the Gibb River Road.

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Ride 2 -

Part of Group

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BeaniesWe are so fortunate living on the Gibb River Road and going to school at Wanalirri Catholic School. There is always lots happening during the tourist season. Recently we had people raising money for the charity "BRIGHT BLUE" by riding old postal motorbikes across the Gibb River Road. The riders rode from Derby to El Questro over very corrugated roads. 

The students of Wanalirri prepared for their visit by learning about what the Bright Blue charity does and why these people were riding old motorbikes to raise money for this charity. We made signs to encourage them on their journey on the rough road and to thank them for what they were doing. We waited up by our gate with a picnic until they rode past. We were really fortunate in that the riders stopped to say thanks for the great welcome from us. They said it was the highlight of their trip.

Then, another group of riders came from the other direction. They started their journey from El Questro and were riding through to Derby. After the first riders had finished their ride there was time for reflection and feedback about the trip and the group all said that the Wanalirri kids made their trip special so that this second lot of riders should stop in at Gibb River Station to say hello.  With Blue Bears

SO, 40 old postal motorbikes with dusty riders, rode into Gibb River Station and met the Wanalirri school students with their signs. We were given blue bears as a thank you for the work we had done and beanies for our heads in this cooler weather. The riders were thankful for a bit of shade and some rest time in our little oasis called home. Helena gave a terrific speech saying thank you for stopping by and then sending the riders on their way with safe riding wishes for the rest of the journey.

Bright Blue’s mission is to make a positive difference to the lives of sick kids. Their vision is to assist in the prevention and treatment of childhood illnesses, particularly those linked to issues police officers see every day – including the abuse of drugs and alcohol, as well as social disadvantage.

2 students with blue bears

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