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Mrs Paula Sgherza -- Principal 2001-2002
Mr Jamie Sgherza -- Teacher 2001-2002
Ms Katrina van de Water -- Principal January-April 2003
Mrs Pat Williams -- Principal: April-December 2003
Mr Allen Williams -- Teacher: April-December 2003
Ms Merrilee Lands -- Student Teacher: 2003 ??
Ms Caroline Hunneybun -- Principal: 2004
Ms Sue Hanson -- Teacher: 2004 ??
Ms Kate Louise McKenna -- October-December 2004
Mr Steve Eggleton -- Principal: 2005-July 2007
Ms Leanne Cook -- Teacher: 2005- 2006
Mr Tim Clear -- Principal: July-December 2007
Ms Jeanette Burke -- Teacher: April-December 2007

Wanalirri Catholic School employed its first lay teaching couple in 2001. Paula Sgherza was appointed Principal and Jamie Sgherza as a classroom teacher. The school has established a national award winning Literacy programme that addresses the literacy needs of the Aboriginal students who all speak Aboriginal English as their first language. Wanalirri established a reputation for excellence and innovation in education of Aboriginal students. Community members continue to take a strong interest in the school and also played an important role in teaching the local Aboriginal language of Ngarinyin to the students.

The first Wanalirri website was created in 2002 by Br Berkeley and Mr Jamie Sgherza. Some of the site (swf or flash items) may not work in your web browser as Flash is no longer widely used.
Here is the link: Wanalirri First Website 2002.

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